About Me

When I was 7 my father took me to a public pool and told me to take my clothes off while he helped my little sister. I happily complied by removing my swimsuit as well as my outer garments, and have never understood why that caused such a fuss.

At 17 I visited the Vatican on a mission trip and became enamored by the art nudes the group leaders tried to keep us from seeing. The resulting year of soul searching culminated in a decision to pose nude at least once so I could say I'd tried it, and I loved it so much I never stopped. Thrilled that I had found a career that fulfilled my passions for art, nature, travel, nudity, entrepreneurship, and climbing things, I promptly quit my job at a law firm to be naked full time, and I've never looked back. 

At 24 my company Empowered Muses was founded from a passion and commitment for bringing education, resources, and a voice to the freelance model community. As a mentor and coach I help freelance nude models who are tired of getting all the wrong gigs make plenty of money doing what they love. 

As a model, my photography clients have described me as "a truly collaborative partner in the creative process" and "exceptionally versatile". The proudest moment of my career was when a fan told me that my art had changed the way he viewed and treated women. Runners up include finding out an image of mine was shown at a special event at the Louvre, as well as working with Playboy TV early 2016. 

I am an avid hiker, obsessed with climbing things, inspired by Vallejo and Mucha, fascinated by the interplay of art, sex, and spirituality, and still very much a child at heart. If I could choose a super power I would want to fly but would probably pick healing instead, and you'll see both of these facets of my personality reflected in my art.


My portfolio shows many sides of me. Here are a few more....

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