About Me

A freelance nude model since 2011, my experience posing nude has evolved into so much more than a passion.

When I was 7 my father took me to a public pool and told me to take my clothes off while he helped my little sister. I happily complied by removing my swimsuit as well as my outer garments, and have never understood why that caused such a fuss.

At 17 I visited the Vatican on a mission trip and became enamored by the art nudes the group leaders tried to keep us from seeing.

At 19 years old I quite my job at a law firm to pose nude full time, aware that it would change my confidence and the way I view myself, but unaware of how thoroughly it would change my life.

Through my work as a nude model I've been able to let go of years of religious programming, release the patriarchal bullshit society had heaped on top of it, and reclaim my body and my life – and thus the freedom to truly create my life on my own terms.

Now I draw on that experience to help other women do the same.

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