Keep an eye out for my forthcoming book, Exposed!

At eighteen years old I quit my respectable job at a law firm to pursue my calling as an artist. With a full understanding of the choice I was making, I embarked on my journey as a nude model, facing stigma and judgement from society, family, and friends.

Six years later, my career has undergone many transitions. I grew and healed through the making of art.  I built a name and a business for myself, and helped other models do the same. I lost track of my goals, found them again, achieved some, and created new ones as my journey evolved. 

In 2014 I set audacious plans, only to be faced instead with trauma and grief as I dealt with a car accident, then the loss of a family member and two pets in quick succession.

In the year following those tragedies I kept my business running despite near impossible odds. I traveled, expanded my portfolio, built a website, and ran my social media while also grieving, attending physical and cognitive therapy, and learning to live with dislocated ribs and a brain injury. 

The time I spent healing allowed me the space to reflect on my career, realize what I would have done differently, and reassess where I am heading. I emerged a better artist and happier person, ready to share my journey in hopes of allowing it to empower others, and launched my new business Empowered Muses to help other models make plenty of money doing what they love.

In Exposed I invite you to join me on this journey and consider how you, too, might live life fully. The road has not been easy, but if I had a choice I would do it all again in an instant. 

Don't want to wait for the book to read my work? Visit my blog or check out my essay in Nasty!

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