Shooting With Eleanor

Are you seeking to record sacred beauty, to portray the Divine Feminine through art?

I specialize in facilitating sensual, highly emotive imagery that portrays strength and vulnerability in still, quiet moments.

A freelance nude model since 2011, I have been involved in the creation of art using nearly every medium imaginable: in addition to digital still and video work, my resume includes Polaroid, wet plate, and large format, as well as body paint and performance art. I bring to every shoot years of experience, a collaborative spirit, tons of creativity, and a healthy sense of adventure. Based in the California Central Valley, I am perfectly situated to join your projects in LA or the Bay Area, and am also available for travel nationwide.

I am an avatar of the Divine Feminine, adept at merging my years of skill and experience with your concept to create something amazing. I care more about substance than style – I recognize that beauty can be messy, the sacred can be chaotic. I love shooting in nature, reveling in the unexpected moments of beauty that occur among its complexities, but also appreciate the simplicity of a blank white wall as a canvas.

I enjoy working with new and experienced artists alike, and work best with those seeking a creative partner and muse. Whether you have a highly conceptualized, specific image in mind, or a vague idea that bears flushing out, it would be my joy to partner with you to cocreate the rich and evocative imagery you've been dreaming of.


I am:

  • 5'8"
  • 155 lbs
  • Curvy
  • Hirsute

I have:

  • Ear piercings
  • No tattoos
  • Long brown and copper hair
  • Full leg, armpit, and pubic hair
  • A new 4" scar down my sternum
  • A scar around my left aereola and down the underside of that breast

When clothed, I wear:

  • Dress Size 8
  • Jean Size 10
  • Shoe Size 8
  • 36DDD Bra


Half Day (4 hour booking): $500

Full Day (6 hour booking): $800

Please inquire below for a customized project quote when booking longer shoots including drive time and/or multiple days at a time.

Hourly Rates:

$150 an hour with a two hour minimum for shoots booked in Fresno County. Other areas typically start at a half day minimum. Please contact me for details.

These rates apply to photographic stills up to Playboy style nudes. If you are interested in shooting fetish, video, and/or erotic work, hiring me for live posing sessions, or would like to book me with multiple artists at once, please send me the project details for a quote.

Please note that a deposit is required to hold your spot upon confirming our booking.

I would love to create with you

If you would like to book a shoot or have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Booking Policies

Info I Need:

In order to make sure that the booking process flows smoothly, please make sure to send as much of the following information as possible if contacting me for a specific project:

  • Potential dates and times
  • Proposed location
  • Desired booking length
  • Full concept details
  • Team details (if applicable)

If you need help finding an outdoor location, studio, or team member/s I can often make recommendations.

Please Keep in Mind:

-If there will be additional models and/or photographers involved in our shoot please make sure that all parties are aware of this up front.

-I am paid for my time on set. I do not stop the timer for light, wardrobe, or location changes. This typically also includes time in the chair if you hire a H/MUA.

-I really appreciate it when food is provided on set, but please note that I am highly allergic to bell peppers.

Location Work:

-If we're planning to shoot outdoors, please have a backup indoor location in case of weather, safety concerns, or legality. Similarly, let's have a backup outfit or two planned if we're shooting outdoor nudes!

-I sometimes shoot in water/rain/snow/etc. If you are planning a shoot around that you must confirm it with me first. Please do not just assume I will be able to handle swimming in 58 degree water without preparations.

-I reserve the right to veto areas and/or ideas that I deem unsafe or involve a high risk of arrest.

I reserve the right to refuse any concept that was not discussed and approved before our shoot.

Cancellation Policy

I require half of the agreed upon compensation if you cancel within a week of our shoot date. The full amount is forfeit for cancellations made within 72 hours.

Please note that for these purposes repeated non-response counts as a last minute cancellation. If you change your mind about our shoot, please message me. Ceasing contact while still having a date booked means that I don't know not to keep the date open for you, and I will send you an invoice if you do this.

In certain circumstances I may be willing to waive your cancellation fee. Please message me as soon as possible and explain the situation if you believe you may qualify.  

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