Eleanor R

Welcome to my corner of the internet! My name is Eleanor, and I'm a freelance model based in Southern California and specializing in fine art nude work.

I've come a long way since I started my journey in 2010, and I'm always striving to grow and improve my skills as a model. Similarly, it is my goal to support the growth of the artists I work with. Before our session we will discuss your creative vision and how to best make it a reality. No matter how simple or elaborate, I can help you create your next masterpiece.

I work best with artists who are seeking a creative partner and muse. My goal is to create long term artistic relationships with the artists I work with, and to expand your portfolio with unique pieces that inspire and engage your audience.

I also work with freelance nude models who are tired of getting all the wrong gigs. I help them gain the confidence they need to attract plenty of great clients. Is that you? Click here to schedule your complimentary Book Your Dream Gigs Breakthrough Session! 

For bookings and additional information please contact me directly.

Photographer: Michael Cone
Model: Eleanor R
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