About Me

When I was 7 my father took me to a public pool and told me to take my clothes off while he helped my little sister. I happily complied by removing my swimsuit as well as my outer garments, and didn't really understand why that caused such a fuss.

At 17 I visited the Vatican on a mission trip and became enamored by the art nudes the group leaders tried to keep us from seeing. For the first time in my life, I was seeing women depicted as strong, courageous, worthy, confident...

At 19 years old I quit my full time job at a law firm to become a nude model. I knew it would help me grow my confidence and change the way I viewed myself, but had no idea how thoroughly it would change my life.

Through my work as a nude model I have been involved in the creation of art using nearly every medium imaginable: in addition to digital still and video work, my resume includes Polaroid, wet plate, and large format film, as well as body paint and performance art. My photos have been in movies, displayed at the Louvre, and shared on Playboy TV, and comics using my likeness have been in multiple publications, including Heavy Metal Magazine.

I bring to every shoot years of experience, a collaborative spirit, tons of creativity, and a healthy sense of adventure. I see myself as an avatar of the divine, dedicated to merging my creativity and experience with yours to create artwork that moves those who view it. 

More interested in substance than style, I recognize that beauty can be messy, the sacred can be chaotic. I love shooting in nature, reveling in the unexpected moments of beauty that occur among life's complexities. I also appreciate the simplicity of a blank white wall as a canvas.

I've used my work as a model to release a childhood of religious programming (and all the patriarchal bullshit society heaped on top of it), to reclaim my body, and to create the freedom to live my life on my own terms.

Now, it's my goal to use my work as an artist and muse to help others do the same. I believe that our bodies are sacred, our voices worth raising, and that our work will heal the world.

Let's make some art!

Some Facts About Eleanor


Outside of modeling, my creative mediums include encaustic wax and watercolors. Follow my art account here.

I recently discovered a love of Crossfit, hence my growing muscles.

I can frequently be found behind a good book, up a tree, or playing board games with my girlfriend and wife - because why else would you form a polycule? 😋

Want to get me talking? Ask me about rocks, books, or loose leaf tea.


While much improved, I've faced many health struggles over the last many years. Among these, I experience migraines and chronic pain.

This means that during our shoot I may take over the counter medication and/or use topical pain management, some of which include essential oils.

If you are sensitive to scents, please let me know before our shoot so I can plan accordingly.


As an author, my work can be found in Nasty! Volume One, the I Am Strength anthology, and hopefully more locations soon!

I also have a number of interviews, articles, and essays published across the web and in coffee table books alongside my images.

If you would like to purchase a signed copy of Nasty!, send me an email.

Check out my blog to learn more and keep up with what's new.


I am a nonbinary woman, and use she/they pronouns. You can use either set of pronouns or both - I currently have no preference.

If you're not used to consciously using they/them as a singular, you're welcome to practice with me.

I prefer not to play 30 questions with my identity, but a small number of respectful questions are welcome.

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I am based in San Luis Obispo County, in the Central Coast region of California.

I no longer actively tour. Limited travel is available with all expenses paid. References will be requested.

My portfolio shows many sides of me. Here are a few more....

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