What has Eleanor been up to?

Hey loves! It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

I logged onto my blog recently and was blown away to discover that the last post I published was in 2015! I’ve written a lot over the past four years, but in the midst of publishing essays in anthologies, sending out email newsletters, and writing posts for Model Mayhem I guess I never got around to actually posting anything here. (The draft section, however, is full of half formed blog posts I thought I’d finished. Whoops!)

Recently I’ve been feeling called to start blogging again, so you should start seeing more regular updates soon. In the meantime, in this post I’m sharing what I’ve been doing over the past several years, and what I’m up to now.

As you may know, I was rear ended in June 2014. That car accident left me with a severe concussion and three dislocated ribs that were threatening to collapse my sternum, which in turn could have collapsed a lung. I spent three years trying to find a holistic approach to relocate my ribs, but in July 2017 I finally had major chest surgery to stabilize my ribcage.

I honestly thought recovery would be short and simple, but life had other plans. (Turns out being young and relatively healthy doesn’t factor quite so much into recovery as the amount of time it takes for a sternum to fuse back together after being sawed open!) I was out of commission for a lot longer than I expected, but it was also a beautiful opportunity for me to deepen my self care practice and focus on my coaching clients.

Nearly two years later, I am happy to announce that I am healthier now than I was before the surgery – in some ways healthier even than I was before the car accident. My recovery is still ongoing: my energy levels haven’t quite stabilized, and my sternum is still tender to the touch. Overall, though? I’m enormously pleased.

I wasn’t able to model for quite some time during my recovery, but I still kept pretty busy: I moved to Central California, got published in two feminist anthologies, went on a book tour, got married, and kept things moving with Empowered Muses (if not as active as I had hoped back when I thought I’d heal within a month). I kept working with clients, launched an online course, and ran two group programs.

Last November, however, it became clear that it’s time for me to step up in a bigger way as a coach and serve a wider audience. I love working with models, but I’m feeling called to bring the healing and transformational tools that I’ve discovered and developed through my own journey as a model, and over the last four years as a coach, to women outside of this community. And my work has evolved: over the past two years I have been recording most of the business advice I offer in videos my clients can keep and rewatch as needed, while spending most of my 1-on-1 time with clients diving into transformative inner game work around confidence, boundaries, and self-care…

These are the tools I really want to teach.

So things are evolving. I originally thought I could add my new coaching packages under the Empowered Muses umbrella, but it’s become clear that I’m creating a new business entirely. I don’t have the bandwidth to focus on and market two separate coaching practices, so Empowered Muses, as it used to exist, will not be continuing. I will still be working with models 1-on-1, and I’m working to create a comprehensive online course for models who want the business training without the inner game work. The resources I have already created will still be available, but outside of the new course I don’t anticipate creating new materials for models.

Moving forward, the bulk of the content I create, post, and send to my list will be focused on women’s empowerment. I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching and experimentation to figure out what group of women I want to serve, so if you follow me on social media you may have seen several different posts aimed at different target markets.

Though I hadn’t gotten totally clear on who exactly my new tribe is yet, for the past several months I have been super clear on these three things: I help women experience more joy and freedom by helping them break through patriarchal belief systems, my work is about helping these women reclaim their lives, their bodies, and their power, and I’m being called to facilitate transformational nude photoshoots for women who’ve never posed nude before to experience their bodies in a totally new way. This is deep, important work, and I feel so privileged to be doing it.

(Even more exciting? Between the first and final drafts of this blog post, I’ve finally come to clarity around the niche of women I want to focus on serving as I move forward. I’m not quite ready to announce it publicly yet, but stay tuned for another post very soon!)

In the meantime, below you’ll find some info on what services I offer. And whether you’re seeking a muse, looking for support, follow me for inspiration, or are here to enjoy my art, I hope you’ll reach out and say hi in the comments.

For Photographers:

I am once again available as a model! Complete with nifty new chest scar, I am now accepting limited bookings in California (and elsewhere with travel costs covered). I am also accepting the fact that I am semi-retired as a model: moving forward I will only be available for 2-3 bookings a month. I encourage you to visit my bookings page to learn more about my current focus as a model, as well as find my rates, booking policies, and testimonials.

I also offer coaching for photographers who want support learning and implementing best practices of ethical model photography – contact me for more info.

For Models:

I have a great deal of passion for providing resources to freelance nude models, so as I retire Empowered Muses in its current form I am creating a online course that will provide the materials I teach in a more accessible format. I will no longer be running my group programs, but I will continue to coach models 1-on-1 with a focus on more inner game and transformational elements in addition to implementing better business practices. If you’d like to learn more about how I can help you transform your modeling career, I invite you to sign up for a “Becoming the Muse” Breakthrough Session.

For Women:

As I explained above, my coaching practice is moving into the realm of women’s empowerment. I work with women to help them break through patriarchal belief systems, set and enforce boundaries, and create self care systems that support their lives. I also offer VIP packages for women who want to experience posing nude in a totally safe, freeing, empowered, and confidential environment. If any of what you have read here has resonated I would be happy to discuss how I can support you. Please visit my coaching page to learn more, or set up a free “Reclaim Your Power” Breakthrough Session now.

For Everybody:

Those of you who have been following me on Facebook and Instagram may have noticed that I am now offering crystal card readings for people seeking intuitive guidance. A mixture of coaching, card reading, and crystal healing, these sessions are particularly helpful for women who are interested in getting a taste of my coaching and intuitive style, but men who feel intuitively pulled to my work are welcome as well. If this speaks to you, you can schedule your card reading here.

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Eleanor is an accomplished traveling nude model and has been pursuing her art since 2010 and posing nude since 2011. Her work has been published in a variety of magazines, books, and galleries, including a special event at the Louvre. She now draws on her experience as a freelance nude model as a women’s empowerment coach, helping women reclaim their lives and bodies through transformative nude photoshoot experiences.

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Empowered Muses: A Conscious Community of Models

Last August I had an idea that set off a chain reaction. I’ve long been frustrated by the lack of resources available for models who realize they’re running a business and want to learn how to do it properly. When I started I was well aware that I was running a business, but I didn’t expect it to be so damn hard. I grew up in an entrepreneurial family and was selling products at flea markets and farmers markets by the time I was seven. But just knowing sales skills, and that I had to act as a business owner if I wanted my modeling to be a viable career, wasn’t enough - traditional business skills don’t transfer over to most creative professions, and they’re particularly difficult to apply to freelance modeling. To add to the difficulty level, there are little to no resources online explaining how to run a successful career as a freelance model.

I was ranting about this to my partner one day when a lightbulb turned on - what if I created those resources? What if I created programs through which I could teach models the business tools and skills they need to create a comfortable income, that would allow them to skip over the awkward learning stage I struggled through for three years? What if I could teach them how to avoid the worst of this industry so that they could enjoy its best? So I got to work. I interviewed models of all skill levels to find out what their biggest challenges have been, and I started forming a curriculum. I talked to models, revised the curriculum further, and held individual coaching calls. Most notably, I finally stepped into a long time goal of mine and opened a YouTube channel. I now have over 30 videos posted on topics from Choosing a Modeling Name to Nude Modeling With A Period.

Model Mayhem found my videos and asked permission to share them, and all of a sudden my view counts have skyrocketed. With their promotion I’m able to help huge numbers of models through my videos. But it doesn’t feel like enough. These videos will help new models exponentially, and they’ll offer some definite benefits to established models who need a boost, but I still wanted to find ways to offer deeper support to those who wanted it. 

My dream has never been merely to help models find financial success. I want to teach models how to run balanced, sustainable modeling businesses because that frees them up to do so much more than just make ends meet. I want to create a movement of models who are aware of the impact that the imagery they create brings to the world, who stand firm in their value and demand respect rather than allowing the world to belittle them for their choices. Models who bring creativity, vitality, and energy into their collaborations. Models who remember the passion that brought them into the field in the first place. Models who have an end goal bigger than creating pretty pictures. I want to create a movement of models who have a message and know that through their art they are creating a platform through which the world will hear them. Thus was born Empowered Muses.

You’re going to be seeing a lot of Empowered Muses moving forward. I’m in the midst of building a web presence for the brand, as well as creating some particularly juicy free resources beyond my YouTube videos. (Plus some kickass programs for the models who want to work with me!) My blog may become more oriented towards helping models than it already was, and much of my social media presence will be focused on that as well. I’m still an active model, so I’ll still be sharing images, but my main focus will be on helping the community that has so richly supported me over the past five years.

I will continue posting YouTube videos, but I’ve decided that my original plan of posting twice weekly won’t allow me to create the quality of videos that I’d like, so I’ll be dialing it back and focusing on creating more valuable videos.

I am happily taking requests for video and blog post topics, so if there’s something you think would be particularly helpful please leave me a message in the comments. And, as I invite you to join the Empowered Muses community with me, I invite your feedback. Please share below what your vision is for the freelance modeling industry, and what an Empowered Muse looks like to you.

About the Author

Eleanor is an accomplished traveling nude model and has been pursuing her art since 2010. Her work has been published in a variety of magazines, books, and galleries, including a special event at the Louvre.  Through her business Empowered Muses she also helps freelance nude models who are tired of getting all the wrong gigs gain the confidence they need to attract plenty of great clients, and she is fiercely dedicated to helping her clients and the models who follow her create safe, fun, and profitable modeling careers creating art they love. To see more of Eleanor’s work you can visit her website or follow her on Facebook.

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Home for the Holidays

Right now I’m curled up in my PJs on my mom’s couch in the house my grandma used to own. Over the past two days my roommate and I drove over 500 miles to get here - we dragged ourselves in last night wet and exhausted, LA traffic finally beaten. 

Last year my family were the last people I wanted to spend Christmas with. I’ve had a rocky relationship with them, and it’s definitely been a long road. Those of you who read my post on stigma and sexual assault may recall that my father dealt with the news of my modeling career in a way that was particularly traumatic for me. If you’ve seen my Flashes of Beauty interview you know that at the beginning of my journey as a model I struggled deeply with how my family viewed me because of it. What I wasn’t as public about was the fact that shortly after that video was published I cut all ties with my parents and didn’t speak to them for over a year.

That was a very difficult time for me. I missed my family deeply, but it gave me the space I needed to grow into a woman who was strong and confident. By the time I was ready to resume contact with them I knew who I was and what my boundaries were. I made it clear that if they wanted a relationship with me my career was a forbidden topic unless they wanted to have a conversation as equals in order to understand why I do what I do. Any further attempts to convince me that I needed to quit, however, were cause for me to end the conversation and, if repeated, the relationship. In return, I try not to speak about any aspects of what I do that make them uncomfortable, and be conscientious about what of my work life I reveal.

Even with those rules things can be difficult. Sometimes I wonder why I let them back in, and other times I wonder how I ever lasted a year without them. I love my parents deeply, quirks, faults, and all, and I’m happy that I am able to have them in my life.

But it isn’t always easy, and in the two years I’ve been back in touch with them this is the first year I’ve found myself wanting to spend the holidays with them. It took a lot of work to get here. Most of that work was on myself - I’ve finally molded myself into an emotionally healthy adult (I know, right?!), and I’m finally able to spend time with family without internalizing their issues. I can appreciate time with them without letting myself be sucked into their drama now.

The thing is, I wouldn’t have gotten here if I’d never started modeling. It might have been the catalyst for a lot of painful family encounters, but it was also the catalyst for a process of self realization and empowerment. Had I never begun on this journey I would still have an ambiguous relationship with my family, unhappy and disrespected but unsure of how to change that pattern. Short term, my family finding out that I pose nude was a painful and traumatic experience. But long term it gave me the space I needed to create the best family relationship I’ve ever had.

I have grown and healed in amazing ways throughout the past five years. Through my conversations and encounters with photographers, fans, and my fellow models I have come to recognize myself as a powerful and beautiful individual. As we wrap up 2015 this holiday season I want to let you all know how much I appreciate your support. Every time you click like, comment on a photo or a blog post, or send me an email, you remind me of what I’ve built - and why.

So thank you, and happy holidays.

About the Author

Eleanor is an accomplished traveling nude model and has been pursuing her art since 2010. Her work has been published in a variety of magazines, books, and galleries, including a special event at the Louvre.  Through her business Empowered Muses she also helps freelance nude models who are tired of getting all the wrong gigs gain the confidence they need to attract plenty of great clients, and she is fiercely dedicated to helping her clients and the models who follow her create safe, fun, and profitable modeling careers creating art they love. To see more of Eleanor’s work you can visit her website or follow her on Facebook.

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