Covid-19 Policies

I understand that everybody's decisions around Covid-19 risk management are highly personal. Unfortunately, I am at a high risk for severe complications from the disease. In order to book shoots at this time, I need to insist on a reasonable level of risk management.

I do not make exceptions to these policies. If my needs are beyond what you consider reasonable, I will be happy to postpone our shoot until a time when I no longer feel the need to maintain these standards.

All Shoots:

  •  Please be fully vaccinated and boosted
  • Please maintain 6 feet physical distancing when possible

Indoor Shoots:

  • Good ventilation or a satisfactory air purifier required
  • If not traveling, I can provide the air purifier
  • Same day rapid tests will be required before the shoot time

I am:

  • Fully vaccinated and boosted, as are the people I live with
  • Happy to take a rapid test before outdoor shoots
  • Happy to share my precautions if you are high risk and concerned

Cancellations Due to Covid-19

If you began experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, learned of a possible confirmed exposure, or have tested positive  for Covid-19 within a period when I would typically charge a cancellation fee, I will waive my cancellation fee under the following conditions:

1. You did not have symptoms or know of your exposure or test results before the free cancellation period ended

2. Any travel costs I already incurred for our shoot are covered

I understand that catching Covid-19 may mean you are less able to communicate while sick. Please endeavor to tell me as soon as possible if you need to cancel our shoot.

Additional Team Members

If you would like to include a hair or makeup artist or bring in another model for our shoot, please note that I have additional Covid-19 safety requirements for shoots involving additional team members.

If you would like to book me for a shoot with one or more additional team members, please contact me to discuss details.

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