I have been privileged to work with hundreds of amazing artists throughout my career. I am blessed and grateful to have continuing professional relationships with the majority of them.

"Working with Eleanor is always a pleasure. She is, first and foremost, a professional in every aspect of a shoot. From pre-shoot communication to post-shoot follow-up, and everything in between, she exhibits all the qualities that make one excited to work with her repeatedly. She knows how to move and pose to accentuate her beauty. Eleanor's enthusiasm during a shoot is engaging and passionate. She will be perched on a rock, or balancing in a tree before even being asked if she'd be comfortable doing so. Further, she has an eye for light and composition, and is a truly collaborative partner in the creative process."

Michael Cone

"Eleanor posses a no fear attitude that sometimes takes other models years to master.  We've shot everything from erotic to fashion and each time we were very successful in capturing what we had in mind for our collaboration mainly because of her ability to mold into any situation.  Eleanor is not afraid of trying things/crazy situations in attempting to capture what the photographer has in mind.  It could be anything from climbing a tree 8 feet off the ground to posing in really cold weather.  She'll do it for the shot.  The best part is she's fun to get along with!" 

Second Life Photography

"I'm not sure that I've worked with another model who is so completely versatile as Eleanor is.  We have worked together a handful of times, indoors and outdoors, primarily on art-style sessions, and she is just fantastic - great, efficient sessions, volumes of terrific results each time.  She arrives prepared, mentally and physically (makeup, hair, etc) and ready to do her part with fantastic energy and appropriate emotion.  Her body of work beyond what we have done together speaks volumes to her exceptional versatility.  She thinks and lives the art, walks the walk, is intrepid… just fantastic to work with."

Alan H Bruce

"I have worked with Eleanor several times in the past 5 years, she is always on time & arrives prepared for our photo sessions. She understands how to use her modeling skills to bring my concepts to life. She also is very good at helping me to solidify my concepts if they are a bit vague, she is not just a human canvas, but an artistic partner as well."

Mariah Carle

"Eleanor is one of my favorite models that I have worked with, and that is really from bottom of my heart. Not only was she fantastic with all of the concepts I threw at her, she went beyond my expectation on both artistic and professional levels.  I would highly recommend her for your projects and work, and you can count on her to make it happen!"

Nomi Nguyen

"Eleanor Rose is a veteran model.  She is a hard worker, knowledgable in the arts, and a creative collaborator.  Eleanor approaches the artist's desired vision with determination and a positive attitude."

Waldemar Zagorski

"I have been privileged to shoot with Eleanor twice now, with other shoots planned for the future. I first worked with her when she was relatively new to the business. Even on the early shoot, she performed with professionalism and style. I traveled with her on an overnight trip to Reno and Lake Tahoe to shoot and enjoyed every moment of the trip and working with her. We got fantastic shots, one of which was a Photo of the Day winner on Model Mayhem, plus a good selection of other images. She works hard and shows up in the morning on time and ready to work. She is not afraid to shoot outdoors and get a little gravel imprint on her butt or a very cold Pacific Ocean wave splash across her body. She brings several unique and captivating looks to the shooting. She comes with my highest recommendation.  I am always looking forward to our next shoot together."  

Eric Lowenberg

"Working with Eleanor was a wonderful experience!  She is incredibly professional in communication and was punctual and prepared when she arrived at my studio.  Eleanor had a positive, fun, relaxed vibe during our shoot and it was such a blast to work with her. Best of all, the images we created were stunning!"

Jillian Kay

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