Resources For Freelance Models

I know from experience how hard it can be to build and run a career as a  freelance model. When I started out in 2010 there weren't many resources available, and in 2015 I dedicated myself to making sure that models entering the field today have access to a variety of information and tools.

I no longer offer coaching full time, but I still want you to have access to the best resources available. This page contains a curated list of the best resources I've created - and found - to help freelance models successfully build and run their businesses.

Resources I Created:

Resources Other Models Created:

Send Me a Message!

I know talking to models you've never met before can be intimidating, but please don't hesitate to reach out to me! I'm happy to answer a brief question, provide references for photographer I've worked with, or just say hi. :)

(Please note that while I no longer coach models full time, this is a paid service I still offer. If you ask for something beyond the normal scope of a quick email response, I may offer you the option to hop on a video call to chat through your question or issue for a small fee.)

Also, please tell me if you know of any great resources that belong here, or if any links on this page are outdated and need to be updated or removed!

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