Chalk That Off My Bucket List!

I was a busy model this last week! I celebrated my 23rd birthday on Monday, then had back to back doctor’s appointments on Tuesday followed by a four hour shoot with the awesome Imag3nation Studios that evening.  Early Wednesday morning I drove to Vallejo to work with Mike Narciso, then headed over to Oakland to pick up Keira Grant and got us both to San Jose to shoot with Noel Marrero. I stayed overnight with my dear model friend Katrina White, and met with the wonderful and inspirational model/entrepreneur Dan Thao for lunch before running back to Sunnyvale to shoot with Keira again. Then, of course, I got to drive three hours home. I’m thrilled to finally have a couple days off for computer work before I head to the Lighthouse Studio in the East Bay on Monday. (We do still have some booking slots available if you haven’t signed up yet!)

As amazing as it was to work and spend time with so many phenomenal artists, there was a definite high point to the week. When I showed up to work with Mike Narciso on Wednesday morning he had a gorgeous print waiting for me. This in itself was a wonderful treat - I cherish prints and dream of the day I can cover a home in them rather than just my bedroom. But the kicker came when he informed me that in July this particular image had been on digital display during a private reception for The Exposure Award’s Body Collection at the Louvre!

You read that right folks - I have been shown in the Louvre! Below you can see a quick shot I took of the print Mike gave me - it’s definitely going up in a place of honor.

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Eleanor is an accomplished traveling nude model and has been pursuing her art since 2010. Her work has been published in a variety of magazines, books, and galleries, including a special event at the Louvre.  Through her business Empowered Muses she also helps freelance nude models who are tired of getting all the wrong gigs gain the confidence they need to attract plenty of great clients, and she is fiercely dedicated to helping her clients and the models who follow her create safe, fun, and profitable modeling careers creating art they love. To see more of Eleanor’s work you can visit her website or follow her on Facebook.

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